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Article / How Chiropractic Software Benefits Chiropractors AND Their Patients.

How Chiropractic Software Benefits Chiropractors AND Their Patients

Atlas chiropractic software is a digital solution designed to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks that have nothing to do with being a chiropractor but are otherwise wholly necessary for running a successful practice. But, there's more to patient records management than scheduling appointments, and these small clerical duties take up valuable working hours that can interfere with a chiropractor's main priority, which is, obviously, treating patients.

While chiropractic software's primary purpose is to render a practice's administrative tasks more efficient, one of the most significant benefits of switching to a paperless office solution is its patient-friendly features.

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What the Tech-Savvy Patient Wants

It seems that in all other aspects of our lives, manual systems are switching over to digital, streamlined solutions. Terminals handle airport check-ins and baggage drop-offs, food delivery is as easy as tapping your screen, and now people have 24/7 access to mental health professionals all over the world from a single app. In other words, most customer-based industries have eschewed the "old way of doing things" to appeal to the tech-savvy patient. Our services may not have changed, but in a world where value-added perks are essential for beating out the competition, industries have to find new ways to attract and keep their clients or patients. Keeping your patients happy by appealing to their digital sensibilities is the natural evolutionary step in customer service.

A Mutually Advantageous Solution

Atlas chiropractic software makes your daily operations easier and your patients happier. In terms of an administrative solution, it is mutually advantageous for everyone involved.

Here are the key benefits to you and your fellow chiropractors:

  • Safety Net Retention System: Keep track of your patients' activities by monitoring missed appointments, cancellations, or patients who fall through the cracks. This allows you to focus on your loyal, recurring patients and reduce the number of names in your database who are no longer attending your practice.
  • Office Calling System. Reduce foot traffic and improve the effectiveness of your patient flow by calling patients to adjusting tables via visual displays and/or audio features. This feature is helpful in clinics with more than one chiropractor working at a time.
  • PowerPay. Now you can process credit card payments on a recurring basis securely and directly through your chiropractic software. Have access to your invoicing and payment information from the same streamlined source.
  • SOAP Notes. Note standardization and customization is at your fingertips. SOAP Notes offers built-in templates that are Medicare compliant, easy to access, and can be standardized in a health-complex setting. A single source of patient notes gives health providers a better scope and understanding of their patients' overall health while making everything accessible at the click of a button.
  • Imaging Import Integration. The days of manual image scanning and importing are over. You can seamlessly import your images from various software into our system and have the files you need on-hand without wasting time. Import images from Imasight Digital XRay, Insight Millennium, Titron Scanner, and more.

Here are software features that provide key benefits to your patients:

  • NeuroSimulator. Give your clients the gift of information with HD educational videos that you can play from your adjusting table or exam room. Empower your clients with the knowledge they need to understand how your practice positively impacts the body. Educational videos save you time and give your patients consistent and consumable information.
  • PitStop Messages. Stay on top of patient reminders without having to leave your desk. PitStop Messages notifies patients upon arrival of any important information, such as events and future appointments, while discretely letting your staff know of late payments or late arrivals.
  • Email/SMS Reminders. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits for your patients is the email or text message communication that easily and automatically notifies them of upcoming appointments without needing to sit by the phone or computer and manually follow up with everyone. Patients appreciate the no-contact notifications as well, as it boosts efficiency and can be added right to their smartphone calendars.
  • Health Articles. With just a few clicks, you can print out informative pamphlets for your patients directly from the adjusting table. These take-home articles keep your chiropractic care relevant in your patients' minds long after they leave your clinic.

The Future of Patient Data Management

In a world where the customer's options are unlimited, and the "latest" technology often dictates which way their loyalties lie, professional and medical service providers can no longer afford to rest on their laurels. That's why so many health practices are branching into value-added services and are riding the waves of technology to appeal to a larger customer base. There's no telling what the next few years (or even the next few months) will bring, but one thing is for certain: Digital office solutions and customer relationship management are here to stay.

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