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Products / Generation 1

The Generation 1 system is designed for smaller offices looking to integrate into a Paperless Solution. It includes a complete billing and scheduling module as well as the Safety Net retention system and more:

CHAS and Scheduling Module Features

  • Using color bands to highlight/block areas in the schedule
  • Color coding appointments
  • Family appointment bookings
  • View multiple provides side by side for easy coordination of visits
  • Arrival list with waiting times
  • Mass moving appointments
  • Email and Text message patient appointment reminders
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Automatically book multiple appointments, including x-rays, re-exams and special visits
  • Book appointments with the appropriate provider automatically eg. x-ray technician, D.C.
  • Flexible and easy setup
  • Multiple providers
  • Patient photos
  • And much more


Marketing & Referral Analysis

  • Categorizes your marketing campaigns
  • Automatically calculates ROI for all your marketing campaigns
  • Atlas knows which marketing campaigns were successful and saves hours of calculations
  • Detailed statistics to help you make future marketing decisions
  • Do you know who your most valuable patients are? Atlas does
  • Referral tree with statistics
  • Track all your leads within the software
  • Send email campaigns with templates and attach newsletters or discount coupons
  • Print mailing labels or use our integration with sendout cards for your campaigns


  • 35 HD quality videos explaining chiropractic
  • Includes:

Condition based videos
Lifestyle videos
ractice management videos
Children?s videos

  • Email your new patient forms with the video
  • Have them complete it and send it back electronically or it can be printed
  • Educate your patients at the table side with the videos
  • Email the videos to your patients
  • Play the videos and make them part of your exam and report of findings

  • The Safety Net Module

    • Never lose another patient in your system
    • Automatic reminder when your patient needs to be recalled
    • Contact manager included
    • Patient confirmation list and email
    • Track missed, cancelled and rescheduled patients
    • View detailed reports regarding patient contact
    • Email all your patients in seconds at a click of a button for appointment reminders
    • Text patients with appointment reminders. (only available in some regions

    Payment & Billing Module- Insurance EOB

    • Automatic Billing
    • Payment plans and family plans
    • WSIB and MVA
    • Insurance EOB with multiple providers (Provincial,US)
    • Family billing and payments
    • Designed to automate your practice so you and your staff can concentrate on doing what you enjoy most seeing patients.

    Atlas Power Pay

    • Process single credit card transactions, Visa, Mastercard and American Express
    • Process recurrent credit card transactions
    • Process recurrent checking account transactions US
    • Automatic reconcile
    • Reports
    • Available in the US

    Inventory & Inventory Control Module

    • Detailed inventory control system
    • Supplier list
    • Receiving
    • Reorder list
    • Inventory sale reports
    • Easy to setup
    • Barcode system available

    System Tools Module

    • Print and merge any type of document
    • Easily create mass mailings
    • Easy Backup Configuration / Online Backup (optional)
    • Safely saved all files, including x-rays and special tests

    Security Module

    • Authorization management
    • Advanced access control
    • Database security
    • Report security: how much history can be viewed by different providers and users
    • Product: Gen 1
    • Highlights: Complete Front Desk Office Solution including Billing and Scheduling Safety Net and more.