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Who We Are?

ATLAS roots go back to 2004. A single chiropractic office could not find anything in the marketplace to serve its needs and so developed an all in one software system encompassing scheduling, notes, a check in system, and patient education.

Another office saw ATLAS and wanted to use this innovative paperless system. That was all it took! Atlas Chiropractic System Inc was born, hired its first employee, and the rest is history.
ATLAS now has hundreds of users in more than 17 countries. Our worldwide presence sets us apart as leaders in the chiropractic industry. Our focus is serving the Chiropractic profession's very specialized needs rather than going into dozens of vertical markets.

ATLAS has grown to serve every practice style and can accommodate closed room, open concept, T-bar , feeder rooms, multi doctor adjusting and more. We have clinics from one to 34 providers encompassing many disciplines.

We have our clients to thank for our success. Our software is client driven which is a very different concept in chiropractic software design. Not only do we take feedback from our doctors but from our wonderful chiropractic assistants.

Our commitment is to provide quality service along with the latest features integrated with the best technology. We are constantly thinking about the future and anticipating all your individual needs as we continue to evolve as the most comprehensive chiropractic program. Our unique approach is to take your specialized needs into consideration for future program releases.

Our Mission is to leverage technology to create the perfect office experience for you, your staff and your patients.