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Read and see what the Doctors have to say about Atlas Chiropractic System.

  • We would like to personally give a big thank you to Atlas for streamlining our new patient process. With the added feature of giving them the ability to fill out the new patient paperwork online and indicate to us when it is completed has given my staff time to focus and work in other areas, not to mention the time saved by patients in the office. At over 1200 and counting I can only imagine the $$ that this feature has saved me by freeing up my staff.
    Thank you Atlas!!!
    Dr. C. Chae Tracy DC
  • With the improved efficiency in our office we will recover the cost of the software and make Atlas an even bigger investment in my practice than I had originally imagined. My CA's are working with a renewed spirit and our patients absolutely love the state of the art technology. If you are considering the Atlas Chiropractic System for your office, my advice to you is to stop considering and jump on board!
    Thanks Atlas!
    Dr Rob Murray DC
  • I want to thank Atlas for their wonderful, time & money saving, easy to use paperless chiropractic software. The Atlas team is always ready to help us if we have any questions or trouble shooting. Our patients love it and we love it. We are truly grateful to have found this great program.
    Danny Desaulniers, DC A.D.I.O. Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Centre
  • The installation was relatively a breeze compared to our previous system. They delivered all of the goods as promised and the installation over 2 1/2 days went quite smoothly - unlike our previous system. They were patient and understanding - taking the time to help us with our questions. Yes I think it is a good investment and I have no regrets in choosing Atlas. I would recommend anyone to change over to Atlas.
    Dr John Hunter
  • It has been great switching to Atlas from the other software we were using. The data conversion went off with out a hitch. Within a week we were ‘fluent’ with the system, so no down time. I couldn’t imagine doing without it!
    Jason Geres, DC
  • Atlas has helped us double our volume and slash costs. It’s helped make the practice fun again.
    Mikael Porath Peterson, DC
  • The Atlas Chiropractic System software provides the framework to build the practice of your dreams. Atlas just gets it when it comes to knowing what features you need and want. It was developed by high volume chiropractors for high volume chiropractors. The support is excellent and has been there for us even in a crunch. You owe it to yourself, your staff, and your patients to check out the Atlas Chiropractic System software.
    Thanks a Million!
    Justin Brown, DC
  • We have used Chiro V Mail in our office for the last several years. It helps to stay in touch with our patients from an education standpoint as well as being able to announce any events. We love the videos as it allows us to further educate and stimulate referrals. Chiro Vmail is a top notch program that is so tastefully complete without forcing our view points in an aggressive way! Our patients love getting the birthday email which is automated. Our staff loves the automated programming which allows us to have it run smoothly. Thanks Atlas Systems and Chiro V Mail.
    Mike Connelly - PA Chiropractor
  • After working with a number of different software programs in various offices, and being less than impressed, I have thankfully discovered Atlas. We have recently opened our dream office and I am confident that one of the pillars of our success has been the Atlas software. With the Generation 3 system, our patients are amazed we are completely paperless, very hi-tech, and extremely efficient. They love how the sign-in cards access their files with only the swipe of a card. They also enjoy the availability of their x-rays, postural pictures, and patient file at only the touch of a button. We are regularly having new patients come into the office because they hear that we use the most high-tech and cutting edge technology available in Chiropractic. From a business standpoint, it has helped us to lower our overhead as we have found Atlas saves us from hiring at least one extra CA as our volume climbs. In addition, the system allows our current CA's to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time attending to our patients. Atlas has allowed us to increase our peak demand time capacity, to handle up to 50% of our patients arriving without a scheduled appointment, and still be adjusted within minutes in a relaxing, open, and efficient environment. If we were chasing paper files, this would never happen as easily or with so few CA's. I could go on for pages, but to really see how well it works, I invite you to come by and see Atlas in action. If you would like any further information, feel free to call me.
    Dr Warren Gage
  • Our experience with Atlas Chiropractic from the installation process to the training and implementation has been awesome. The program has helped us increase our efficiency while creating a unique office environment. Patient education is effortless and consistent with Atlas. Atlas adjusts to fit your practice perfectly. It has brought excitement and fun into my office, I love it, my staff loves it and the patients love it. It has helped me take my practice to the next level and it will do the same for you. I highly recommend Atlas to every chiropractor as an office management tool and educational tool combined.
    Dr Kelly Kramp
  • Atlas has been a fantastic addition to our office. Our office flow was inefficient, sluggish, and bogged down with paperwork and travel cards. Since implementing Atlas, we've had nothing but a WOW experience. All the data from our old system was seamlessly converted into Atlas without any effort on our part. Because of that, our practice members love the new office flow; the automated calling module alone has made a tremendous difference in simply allowing our front desk assistant to do so much more than before. Our tracking of practice members has been so much better as well as our retention. We love the ability to pull up someone's x-rays and show them what wrong right there is in front of them. The 2 day on site training was invaluable. Dr. Stephane really gives of himself and he truly comes from the heart. We couldn't have made a better decision to have the Atlas system work for us in our practice. It is the wave of the future and I'm so glad that it's here now! I highly recommend the system because it will make such a tremendous difference in your practice. It is hi- tech, hi-touch, and extremely efficient. Thank you Dr. Stephane for all that you done and everything that you continue to do. You're an inspiration to our profession!
    Dr Henry Wong
  • We have been using Atlas for over a year now. Prior to that my staff spent most of the day pulling files, searching for travel cards and trying to keep up with the paper that exists when there is a traditional paper-based office. The high volumes in our office meant that my staff was constantly under stress. They had less time or energy for patient education/interaction. After a while I started having a high rate of turnover in my staff due to the demands of a growing office. Atlas has been a blessing. Patients roll in, sign in at the front and go to the available room. When I get to the room the virtual travel card is up on the screen and we're ready to adjust immediately. This system has to be seen to appreciate just how easy it makes each and every patient visit. Patients love the fact that one click of the mouse pulls up their x-rays on the monitor. I would recommend Atlas to anyone wanting to make their office more efficient, spend more time having fun and less time handling paper. I have had no change in CAs since I got Atlas! Atlas saves so much time in the practice it more than pays for itself.
    Dr Ashim Ashique
  • I have been in Chiropractic for over 16 years and have been through many computer systems, including Platinum System, for 2 years, and, I am currently using Atlas Chiropractic System. Rest assured that Atlas is by far a more superior product to Platinum in many ways. When it comes to conversion of the system from Platinum to Atlas, it went much faster and easier than we expected, in fact, the timeline was less than it took to implement Platinum in the first place. . Every chiropractor that I know that has dropped Platinum (and there are a lot, contrary to what Platinum says) always complained that they did not listen to their requests. By far, the most important aspect about Atlas is that they listen to their customers. When you do your homework and talk to doctors like myself, who are in the trenches and have used many systems, you will understand why Atlas is and will always be a superior product. Listen to the truth and talk to doctors like me.
    Dr Peter Hryciuk, B.Sc. DC
  • We have been using the Atlas Chiropractic System for 14 months now and we love it! The Atlas system has everything you could ask for, and the support service is fantastic! We have worked with other systems we know the difference, and Atlas does everything and more.
    Drs Anne Wagner / Nicklas Sandberg
  • I'm Dr. Jason Baker from Family First Chiropractic in Waite Park, MN, and I Use Atlas at our office. I really like your software for many reasons, and because of that I wanted to forward you a message. I used a Travel Card for 6 years, and I love a travel card because I can glance back and see all my adjustments over the past few months in a second. With my previous software you can't see all your past adjustments, you have to open up each specific date to see your adjusting history! What a pain. That's why I love Atlas, because I can see what the trends of my adjusting have been for the past few adjustments without having to touch's all displayed there, like a travel card!
    Dr. Jason Baker