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Cross Platform Design

Use our Apps on IPad or other tablets, laptop, PC or Mac; in your office or outside your office - options available to suit a variety of needs.


Direct-Sync Intake Forms

Have your Patient fill in their intake forms in your office or from the comfort of their own home. Their information syncs directly into Atlas, saving you the input time and avoiding errors.


Patient Picture App

Snap a quick picture of your Patients to display for your staff in Atlas. Help remember new Patients faster; help new Staff recognize your Patients easier. Use a tablet or mobile device and sync instantly.


NeuroSimulator Education

Use high-definition videos to explain how Chiropractic care can benefit your Patient. Professional videos designed to educate your Patients.


Lead Tracking System

Easily setup a form on your website to sync Lead information into Atlas. Track potential Patients using the Atlas Safety Net. Easily convert Potential Patients into Active Patients.

  • Product: Intake Apps
  • Highlights:Have patients fill out their intake information on an Ipad or online. Quickly sync their information into Atlas. Reduce staff data entry, eliminate entry mistakes, streamline your office.