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Atlas Software is a Complete Paperless Office Solution including Billing, Scheduling and Patient Notes as well as Patient Education, Safety Net and more:

Online booking

  • Atlas online booking comes free with your subscription to Atlas.
  • Login and view your schedule from home.
  • Automatically sync with your office calendar.
  • Select which appointment types you want patients to book online.
  • Choose the times you want to make available online.
  • Decide which providers can accept appointments online.
  • Link for your website.
  • Easily deploted to all your patients with a mass email template.
  • Start accepting appointments online with Atlas.

Patient Sign-In Module

  • Increase your office visibility with your personalized keyfobs and cards
  • Excellent marketing tool
  • Help generate referrals
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • With the increase in healthcare choices today, have your patients think about you first
  • Family Sign in Feature
  • Wellness Subjective
  • Medicare Subjective
  • PI Subjective
  • Workers Compensation Subjective

Pit Stop Module

  • Our Pit Stop system gives your patients a message to stop at the front desk at predetermined visits
  • Never miss another re-exam or X-ray
  • Never miss another referral thank you, gifting or birthday
  • Stop patients at predetermined visit count or by date
  • Use our system setup or have the pit stop customized to your needs
  • Eliminate the guesswork and keep your practice organized
  • Automate reminders for payments
  • Doctor Pit stops, schedule exercise prescription reminders and a lot more

Automatic Patient Calling Module

  • Monitor arrivals, waiting time and place patients in the appropriate sequence
  • Assign patients manually using the patient sequence list or use the automated calling
  • Call patients in the order of arrival to the appropriate available rooms
  • CHA can spend more time educating, applying therapies and processing new patients
  • Implement our advanced system easily during Atlas' on-site training and installation
  • Create a fun and exciting office atmosphere with Atlas Chiropractic System technology
  • Visual Calling displayed on screen
  • Use voice calling, visual calling or both

Health Article Tracking Module

  • Atlas has categorized a list of health articles that are printed with the use of the doctor's touch screen
  • Have your CHA handout the article and highlight the important points for the patient
  • Schedule your articles to be printed on a visit count, day number, week number or date
  • Health articles are included with your system
  • Easily add an unlimited number of articles, family gift certificates, stretches or other handouts to your system
  • Atlas keeps track of the articles that are being given to individual patients and logs them in the virtual travel card
  • Never give the same article or handout to a patient twice
  • Easy to follow up with your patient on the next visit
  • Another innovative practice building tool

Virtual Travel Card Module

  • The New Generation virtual travel card eliminates the old paper travel cards
  • Your staff will never waste another minute searching, collecting and pulling cards for the next day
  • Spend more time with your patients and less time writing notes
  • Complete soap notes with a few light touches on the touch screen
  • If your current treatment stays the same simply touch adjustment and your notes are up to date and complete
  • Your selected listing highlights the virtual spine
  • X-rays, surface emg, thermal scans, posture analysis are viewed with a single touch
  • Compare normal x-rays or other images to the patients image or x-ray
  • Special notes
  • Referrals and Leads
  • Patient picture and profile
  • Dot notes with advanced tracking and reports
  • Automatic microtics
  • Patient progress and tests are all documented with a single touch
  • Categorize and treat several individual problems and diagnosis for a single patient
  • Treatment plan schedule
  • Advanced missed visits and make up missed visits
  • Track supplement recommendations
  • Customize your touch Screen soap notes and reports with thousands of available entries
  • Patients enjoy looking at their new virtual travel card; it's an educational tool in itself
  • Add charges at the table if needed.
  • Reminder messages for Provider based on Patient visit number / date
  • In office messaging

Special Messages

  • Send messages to your staff without writing or relaying messages through patients
  • Visit frequency message
  • Customize your own messages
  • Receive discrete messages from your staff
  • Your staff can warn you about patients who need more patient education
  • Ability for CHA to warn you about a new problem a patient has developed
  • Create urgent messages
  • Sticky Notes

Patient Education Tracking Module

  • Staying on purpose with every visit has never been easier
  • Your patients can receive a chiropractic health message every visit, both at the front desk and at the treatment room sign in monitor
  • You never have to remember if you talked to your patients about a particular subject
  • Feel confident that your patients are learning something about chiropractic and health every visit
  • Atlas will monitor the visit sequence and play the messages at the appropriate visit
  • Add an unlimited number of chiropractic health messages
  • Organize and add messages to control your philosophical message to your patients

Marketing & Referral Analysis

  • Categorizes your marketing campaigns
  • Automatically calculates ROI for all your marketing campaigns
  • Atlas knows which marketing campaigns were successful and saves hours of calculations
  • Detailed statistics to help you make future marketing decisions
  • Do you know who your most valuable patients are? Atlas does
  • Referral tree with statistics
  • Track all your leads within the software
  • Send email campaigns with templates and attach newsletters or discount coupons
  • Print mailing labels or use our integration with sendout cards for your campaigns

Imaging Module

  • The imaging feature is a powerful patient reinforcement tool
  • Store an unlimited number of x-rays, surface emg's, thermal scans, posture analysis
  • Show your images full screen or in groups for comparison
  • Compare patient images and x-rays with normal’s
  • Draw all your chiropractic lines on your x-rays, highlight problem areas
  • Your patient report of findings will have a greater impact on your patients with the Atlas imaging module
  • Interface with digital X-ray


  • HD quality video clips linked to the vertebral level
  • Each video explains the innervations and possible symptoms
  • Patients see advanced 3D graphics of the organ or systems innervated
  • All at the touch of a finger

Patient Education Videos

  • 35 HD quality videos explaining chiropractic
  • Includes:

Condition based videos
Lifestyle videos
Practice management videos
Children’s videos

  • Educate your patients at the table side with the videos
  • Email the videos to your patients
  • Play the videos and make them part of your exam and report of findings

CHA'S and Scheduling Module Features

  • Using color bands to highlight/block areas in the schedule
  • Color coding appointments
  • Family appointment bookings
  • View multiple provides side by side for easy coordination of visits
  • Arrival list with waiting times
  • "Pit Stop"
  • Mass moving appointments
  • Email and Text message patient appointment reminders
  • Message to Dr.
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Automatically book multiple appointments, including x-rays, re-exams and special visits
  • Book appointments with the appropriate provider automatically eg. x-ray technician, D.C.
  • Flexible and easy setup
  • Multiple providers
  • Patient photos
  • And much more

The Safety Net Module ©

  • Never lose another patient in your system
  • Automatic reminder when your patient needs to be recalled
  • Contact manager included
  • Patient confirmation list and email
  • Track missed, cancelled and rescheduled patients
  • View detailed reports regarding patient contact
  • Email all your patients in seconds at a click of a button for appointment reminders
  • Text patients with appointment reminders. (only available in some regions

Payment & Billing Module- Insurance EOB

  • Automatic Billing
  • Payment plans and family plans
  • WSIB and MVA
  • Insurance EOB with multiple providers (Provincial,US)
  • Family billing and payments
  • Designed to automate your practice so you and your staff can concentrate on doing what you enjoy most seeing patients.

Atlas Power Pay ©

  • Process single credit card transactions, Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Process recurrent credit card transactions US and Canada
  • Process recurrent checking account transactions US and Canada

Inventory & Inventory Control Module

  • Detailed inventory control system
  • Supplier list
  • Receiving
  • Reorder list
  • Inventory sale reports
  • Easy to setup
  • Barcode system available

System Tools Module

  • Print and merge any type of document
  • Easily create mass mailings
  • Easy Backup Configuration / Online Backup (optional)
  • Safely saved all files, including x-rays and special tests

Security Module

  • Authorization management
  • Advanced access control
  • Database security
  • Report security: how much history can be viewed by different providers and users
  • Product: Atlas Software
  • Highlights: Complete Paperless Office Solution including Billing, Scheduling and Patient Notes plus Patient Education, Safety Net and more.