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Partners / Integrated Partners

Atlas's goal is to provide a system that does it all. How can we accomplish such a task on our own? We find the best companies to integrate with in order to bring our clients the most complete product on the market.
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Warrior Coaching

Warrior Coaching is an intense, elite training program for chiropractors. Our program is unique because we focus on client personal performance, which leads to transformation in all areas of life.
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Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Our vision is to provide our clients with tools and strategies that help them create their ideal practice. You work hard at building your business and need a partner that has technology and training solutions that will contribute to your success - and that's our job. Being fully integrated with Atlas is part of that success.
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Experience the most unique high definition video email technology that Chiropractic has ever seen. Never before has video technology melded with computer generated graphics to demonstrate the story of Chiropractic. We offer 35 stimulating and awe-inspiring videos that fully explain Chiropractic, getting you to convert leads to new patients, easily and flawlessly, while keeping your new patients fully educated - passively. Video can be uploaded to your website, emailed to leads and patients, set on autopilot for customized time schedules and set to play as a loop in your clinic. Video email technology comes with industry standard double opt-ins, spam checking, custom automatic text and graphic attachments and a ton more.

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Forte is one of the fastest-growing privately held electronic funds transfer processors in the United States. Forte's customers benefit from a comprehensive suite of payments products and services, including ACH origination, check verification, identity verification, credit card and debit card processing. Dedicated to providing superior customer service and industry-leading technology, Forte provides tools to help organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk and increase efficiencies.

Data Deposit Box - Cloud Backup

It takes 19 work days and $17,000 to enter just 20 megabytes of sales and marketing data, according to one study. When it comes to retrieving accounting records, those numbers are even worse: 21 days and over $19,000. For many businesses, big or small, this type of cost is simply unsustainable. To combat these exorbitant expenses, we recommend using a remote backup service. Data Deposit Box helps small-to-medium-sized businesses adopt a cloud-based system by providing smarter, more reliable, and easy-to-use solutions.

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Titronics Research and Development

For over 30 years, Titronics R&D has been providing chiropractors worldwide with the most accurate and reproducible thermographic instrumentation possible. From the Tytron series of digital IR paraspinal scanners to our high resolution medical imaging software, our commitment is to provide world class quality and customer service. The chiropractor of today now has the means to ?show? their patients the defining principle of chiropractic care ? restoration of normal neurophysiology.

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As the result of NASA and NIH Grants, MyoVision was the first to provide purely objective, physiological data to establish the value of Chiropractic. Twenty-four years later, this data is now a necessity for our current evidence-based, data driven world. E-Scan Wireless Static sEMG provides the cash practice patient the proof needed to justify their care plan. DynaROM Motion sEMG provides a patented method of proving muscle guarding and pain, even with range of motion normal. This provides the indisputable evidence needed to establish instant credibility with PI attorneys, insurers and patients alike. The test takes no longer than traditional ROM yet billing 5 times more, and provides better clinical data as well. Manufactured in the USA since 1989, we provide the highest quality engineering, support and the ultimate in ease of use.

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