Atlas has converted over 140 different systems.  

A list of systems and the information converted will be coming shortly.

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Hear from some of our amazing clients!

"We would like to personally give a big thank you to Atlas for streamlining our new patient process. It has given my staff time to focus and work in other areas.
Thank you Atlas!!!"
Dr. C. Chae Tracy
Product Manager, Sisyphus
"My staff are working with a renewed spirit, and our patients absolutely love the state-of-the-art technology. So if you are considering the Atlas Chiropractic System for your office, stop considering and jump on board!
Thanks Atlas!"
Dr. Rob Murray
Web Developer, Sisyphus
"Our experience with Atlas System, from installation to training and implementation, has been awesome. I highly recommend Atlas as an office management tool and educational tool combined."
Dr. Kelly Kramp
Data Engineer, Catalog
"Switching to Atlas from the other software we were using has been great. The data conversion went off without a hitch. Within a week, we were ‘fluent’ with the system, so there was no downtime. I couldn’t imagine doing without it!"
Dr. Jason Geres
Head of Design, Layers
"At the time when we first decided to go ahead with Atlas we had tried five other programs in the same year. The day we transitioned to Atlas we were online after one day of training! Atlas is part of our team and is one decision we have never looked back on making."
Robyn Sabo
Data Engineer, Catalog
"Atlas has been a blessing. Patients roll in, sign in at the front and go to the available room. When I get to the room, the virtual travel card is on the screen, and we're ready to adjust immediately. Spend more time having fun and less time handling paper. Atlas saves so much time in practice than it pays for itself."
Dr. Ashim Ashique
Data Engineer, Catalog
"Our office flow was inefficient, sluggish, and bogged down with paperwork and travel cards. Since implementing Atlas, we've had nothing but a WOW experience!
Dr. Henry Wong
Data Engineer, Catalog
"Atlas has helped us double our volume and slash costs. It’s helped make the practice fun again!"
Dr. Mikael Porath Peterson
UX Designer, Circooles