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Atlas Generation 3 vs. Atlas Generation 1

Is your clinic interested in investing in a paperless office solution like Atlas Chiropractic Software? Our system offers a wealth of benefits for you, your staff, and your patients while reducing your data entry time and increasing efficiency. We offer different software products, and today we?re going to talk about the similarities and difference between Atlas Generation 1 and Atlas Generation 3.

Atlas Gen 3 vs. Atlas Gen 1: What?s the Same?

  • ChiroVMail. Both products offer this email module, which allows you to email 35 HD videos, patient forms, and generally keep your patients informed and educated on chiropractic well after they?ve left the clinic.
  • Safety Net Module. Keep track of your patients by keeping all their information in one streamlined system that includes their future and missed appointments, automatic appointment reminders, detailed reports about patient appointment behaviour (i.e. rescheduled, cancelled, or missed appointments) and contact information.
  • Payment and Billing. Billing is automatic for both products, and payment reminders are standard. This module also allows you to easily set up payment plans with your patients.
  • Atlas Power Pay. Available only in the US, Atlas Power Pay lets you set up recurring payments using the same credit card on file.
  • Inventory and Inventory Control. No more manually counting inventory. Both Atlas Gen 3 and 1 offer this time-saving module that not only frees up your staff?s time to help patients, but it also eliminates data entry and counting errors.
  • System Tools. Print and save documents, build patient emails, back up and save your files.
  • CHAS and Scheduling Module. This module covers everything from patient photos to mass appointment scheduling and family-wide bookings. Set up email and SMS patient reminders and use colours to easily catalogue and organize your clinic?s schedule.

Keep in mind that since Atlas Gen 3 is intended for larger clinics, the above-mentioned modules include slightly more features than in the Atlas Gen 1. Book a demo now to find out what?s available!

For more information, check out our Atlas Generation 1 page.

What Sets Them Apart?

The following are added features available on Atlas Generation 3:

  • Patient Sign-In. With branded key cards and fobs, your patients can easily sign themselves in without waiting in line at the front desk. Keychain fobs provide constant reminders of your clinic, which significantly boosts its visibility.
  • Pit Stop Module. Easily direct patients to the front desk for important information, referrals, birthday wishes, etc. The Pit Stop Module also provides automatic reminders to patients.
  • Automatic Patient Calling. Automatically monitor your patients? arrivals, wait times, and call patients in order of arrival using voice or visual calling.
  • Health Article Tracking. We have many featured articles that are print-ready for the patient and available at the tap of the chiropractor?s touch-screen. We offer many diverse health articles so that the patient never sees the same one twice.
  • Virtual Travel Card. This module offers a touchscreen service that highlights important information and better educates the patient. Virtual Travel Card allows you to effortlessly update your patient information with just a tap of your screen, as well as keep all your patient progress in a single location that?s always easy to find.
  • Special Messages. Need to alert your team that the patient who just walked still has a payment owing? Now you can let your staff know with special messages. This module also allows staff to warn you before seeing your patient of any new problems they have.
  • Patient Education Tracking. Patient education is a breeze with the help of this module. Display screens both in the waiting room and by your adjustment table will constantly be feeding patients helpful information about chiropractic through an unlimited number of messages.
  • Marketing and Referral Analysis. Atlas Generation 3 offers a behind-the-scenes look into the efficacy of your marketing strategy by automatically calculating your return on investment. Review patient referrals, track leads, organize your marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Imaging Module. Now patient X-rays and images can become interactive tools for learning. Zoom in, compare images and store an endless amount of patient files. The Imaging module is a great reinforcing tool that demonstrates the effectiveness of chiropractic.
  • Neurosimulator. The Neurosimulator gives your patients a more in-depth look at their spine by allowing you to zoom in at the vertebral level. Advanced 3D graphics are available to give patients a better understanding of organ or system innervations.

For more information, check out our Atlas Generation 3 page.

Can?t figure out which software is right for you? When you schedule a demo with us, we give you a quick questionnaire beforehand to help us identify the most suitable product. Start your demo now or contact us for more information.