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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to review and complete this. Here is what to expect on your upcoming visit(s).

CONSULTATION You will meet with Dr. Doug to determine if ChiroWorks is the right place for you. If he feels, based on your conversation, that he can help, he'll recommend going forward with an exam to discover the root of your problem. If he feels another professional may be better suited to help you, he'll let you know that too. The cost of the examination is $75.

EXAMINATION This is a thorough examination to locate the cause of your problem. If your spine is not functioning properly we'll know after a posture and range of motion evaluation; computerized assessments to locate the nerve system stress; and a chiropractic spinal movement analysis. You will be adjusted on this visit to start the healing process as soon as possible.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CARE At the end of your first visit we will schedule a second appointment. Dr. Doug will discuss with you the results of your computer scans from your previous visit, and give recommendations for care based completely on your goals and the exam findings. We will also explain our financial policies, insurance coverage, etc.

ORIENTATION We find that when patients are empowered to help themselves, they respond faster to care and remain healthier longer. If we decide to accept your case, part of your care includes an invitation to attend our New Client Orientation.

*Please complete the Intake Form on the following pages to save time and help us to serve you better. Thank you!