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Nerve System Study
Our purpose is for Bastrop to be the healthiest community in Texas. For over 100 years, numerous studies have shown that a healthy life must begin with a healthy nerve system. A subluxation interferes
with a healthy nerve system. As you know, we at Adjust analyze your spine and nerve system for the presence of subluxations. This 10 minute examination will help in this endeavor.
Our office uses a sophisticated scanning system to detect the results of subluxations from stress patterns on your nervous system. This accurate, computer-based analysis rates your stress on a scale
from 0-100 and is known as the COREscore.
Please answer the following questions so we may better understand how to help you:
1. What have you noticed different about you since beginning chiropractic care?
On the COREscore chart above:
Please select a score where you think you are today.
Please select where you would like to be (your goal).
How long do you think it might take to get to where you selected?
What things might you need to change to help you reach Your goal?