Martin Wellness
1071 Adelaide St. N
London, ON N5Y 2N3
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Welcome to Martin Wellness!

At your child's first visit, we will go through a discovery process with you to determine the source of his/her health concerns. This will include:

  1. A detailed health history with our exam specialist, Danielle.

  2. A thorough spinal examination, to determine any abnormal alignment and motion patterns, and how this is detrimentally affecting the central and peripheral nerve systems and organ function.

  3. Any further imaging studies that may be necessary such as x-rays.

For your planning needs, please allow one hour of your time for your child's first visit with us.

Your first step is to thoroughly finish your child's Health Profile Form. It is important that you complete and submit this to us in advance of his/her first visit.

Thank you for your time.

Wellness awaits your child. Their journey starts here!