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Welcome! This is what you can "expect" in your upcoming visit's.


Please complete this simple admittance Form so we have an understanding of your past and current health situation.


You will meet the doctor and discuss your health concerns.

EXAMINATION We will conduct a thorough examination to locate the cause of your problem and determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. This includes a computerized assessment of how well your nervous system is communicating with your body. The assessment will include range of motion, surface electromyography, which evaluates muscle function and balance and an orthopaedic assessment. The doctor may also need additional procedures, such as x-rays. If yours is a chiropractic case, we will develop a plan to help you.

REPORT OF FINDINGS During your second and third visits, the doctor will explain the results of your examination. If we think that we can help you, we will recommend a schedule of care created just for you. During this time we will also explain our financial policies and determine your insurance coverage, if applicable.

HEALTH TALK We find that when patients are empowered to help themselves, they respond faster to care and remain healthier longer. If we decide to accept your case part of your care involves an opportunity to attend our health talk entitled health and healing and inside out approach.

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