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Pediatric Health Profile

Welcome to our clinic.

We are pleased that you have chosen our clinic as a source for health restoration and optimizing your child's well being. There are many reasons why parents want to bring their child into a chiropractor, from birth trauma, falls and accidents, abnormalities of the spine and symptom based reasons like colic, ear aches, poor digestion or developmental delays or challenges. Our main focus of helping your child is to understand where you are coming from and finding how we can best help either correct the source of the problem causing your child's symptoms or discovering ways to optimize and support your child's health through a healthy, strong and properly functioning spine and nerve system.

This health history form, which is part of a system we have in our clinic, is called LIFE RESTORATION+ SYSTEM. Essentially it helps us best understand our patient's past and current health challenges, how it's affecting their life and ultimately leads us to the next steps of how we can improve and change their life and health so their future is brighter. We want everyone to experience their life FULL OUT!

Please fill out the following questions as thoroughly as possible. We will carefully listen and analyze what you tells us and take the nest steps necessary to help your child.

Sincerely, Dr. Greg